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                                          My   Adventures in  Real-estate

Real-estate is complex it can be raw land, homes or commercial buildings it comes in all sizes from little lots measured in square feet, to larger areas measured in acres or hectors.  Overall it is interesting, lucrative, and fun, however, without the right knowledge and training it can be difficult, stressful, and you can end up losing a lot of time and money.  With the interest rates dropping, right now IS the time to buy Real-estate!!

To reach a private money broker, and for more information without obligation send your name, the name of your entity, your phone number and the best time of day to reach you to  Please put "R E $" in the subject. 
Please do mention if you are a veteran. (discounted points!)

Is it going to be

your residence?

Before you fall in love with any property, get you finances lined up.   Decide how much you have for the down payment.   Learn how to calculate the closing costs contracts, surveys, filing and broker fees.  If this purchase is going to be your own residence, talk to your real-estate broker and banker, find out about all the different programs that you may qualify for.  That may include first time buyer, veterans, and many others some may be location specific so inquire in the area where you want to buy.

If you LOVE mushrooms like I love mushrooms, why not grow you own?  Nothing is as disappointing as looking for good fresh mushrooms at the store.  Most of the time they have already started to deteriorate from being handled too much.  It is easy and inexpensive to add organic mushroom cultivation to your aquaponics or hydroponic system.

     Now that you have decided to buy raw land, a farm or an older commercial building that needs to be repurposed….what are you going to do with it?  Have you considered aquaponics this is a fairly new concept that can be implemented just about anywhere and with more people wanting to“GO GREEN” by raising their own food, feeding their families healthier meals and saving money by doing so, growing your own with aquaponics can be the answer.  You do not need a really big acreage, if you decided to buy an older commercial building that needs to be repurposed, what better use can you think of.  Why not give this some thought as you are looking for your next project?

Let's start by getting

First Things First 

     First, decide what type of real-estate you want, are you looking for your first small starter home, a small hobby farm,  maybe you are ready to move up to a much larger home or a store, office space or manufacturing facility.  What climate do you want to be in?  Will you need to be near a major highway or a river port, rail road terminal, or sea port? 

                  Study and Learn!      

     Do be careful about ALL the gurus who advertise they can show you how to buy property with NO MONEY out of your own pocket.  Most of them want to charge you a lot of money out of your own pocket for their program.
     Next and equally important is to learn the laws of that location.   Laws and terminology are state specific and can be very different from one location to another.   

Study and Learn!

Are you an investor?

     One of the most common issues I hear from Real Estate investors is how hard it is to find DEALS!  Today there are many software and robots to make this task much easier.  However be sure to read and research before you buy.  Too many have short “Trials” that end up doing nothing but charging you big time before the program has had time to work. 

     Are you ready to GET THE DEALS?    Then take a look at THIS. 

     If you are an investor, an entity such as an LLC, then the banks may not be the best source of financing for you.  Private equity funds may be better.  A good private money broker can be a great deal of help in getting all your documents in order, submitting you deal to the right fund that will be the best fit for you.   
     For more information about this go to the "contact page or send your name, the name of your entity, your phone number and the best time of day to reach you to: 

Put "R E $" in the subject.

Do mention if you are a veteran.(discounted points!)

As a private money broker, when banks say no, I say, "What can I do to help you."