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About MAR:
     You might say I grew up in real estate.   My Father sold real estate and I was always tagging along and helping him.
     I love real-estate and I love helping others.   As an adult I began working in real-estate I learned that I needed to study all aspects of it.   Not just the different kinds and uses for it but that each state and sometimes even different cities have their own laws and terminologies. 
       Anyone just starting out should consult with a real-estate attorney and a Realtor that will agree to work with you as a “BUYER”S Agent”
     I also learned that if you are going to need financing you should get a registered entity, at least an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation),  These are state specific, you will need one for each state you will be working in. 
     That is why I took courses and got training as a private money broker.   Should you decide to become one of my clients, my obligation is to you not a fund entity.   My job is to help you get all your needed documents in order and submit them to the fund that is best suited to your needs. 
     I will do my best to get your entity the best deal for your real estate deals as long as  the property is with in the fifty United States.
   For more information without obligation contact;   Please put "R E $" in the subject. 
Please do mention if you are a  veteran, (discounted points!) and if you are THANK YOU for your service.