My   Adventures in  Real-estate

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  Have you read today's news?

     First, let me again remind my dear friends that I am not a lawyer or financial advisor, therefore I am not legally or professionally qualified to give advice on this subject. That being said, I wish to share with you my thoughts on what I consider to be a very serious matter that needs attention RIGHT NOW!

     The worldwide domino effect has started.  Recovery will take a long, long time.  I do NOT want any of my HARD EARNED money in the stock market now.  

I still prefer Real Estate.   Real Estate can be protected in an LLC.   As I have been saying for many years now,

“Man keeps making more men but God is not making any more DIRT!”
“Everyone has to live somewhere.”

“Everyone HAS to EAT!”    

Heard about Aquaponics!?   I am putting my money and efforts into GOOD DIRT and planting for long term food production; fruit and nut trees, berry and grape vines, and herbs that are heirloom, (non-hybrid).

     If you want to buy some land but may need financing to do it, or you already own some land, (even a very small area), and / or you want to learn about growing some of your own foods, (even if you live in a small apartment), you can get more information here on my website which is a work in progress.  I will be continually adding content to it.

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